Most of our customers are accustomed to our high level of expertise in domain name management and domain name consultation, but at ABE Partners we have several areas of expertise. Since the way we work with domain names lies in the boundary between IT, Market and Legal, it is natural that we can also can handle your trademarks, both previously registered and new registrations. In order to offer the best service here too, we cooperate with the reputable Otmore agency who offers innovative solutions in trademarks. By consolidating all registered trademarks with one agency, we can guarantee that you get a better and more cost effective solution for these intellectual property issues. Looking forward to testing us and Otmore? Contact us for a free analysis of your current situation and what we can do to improve it.

2018 is the year in which SSL-certificates have really come to the center of attention. This is due to several factors, but it is primarily about the new data protection regulation GDPR and Google updating the world’s most popular browser Chrome. Now all pages lacking an SSL-certificate are marked as “Not secure” which, in addition to scaring away customers, also degrades your search engine rankings. There are a wide range of different SSL-certificates to choose from and many find it very difficult to know what you need. This is were we ca help. We make a analyse the needs and propose a suitable solution. Of course, we take responsibility for ordering the certificate and also assist with the installation. We also keep track of expiry dates and notify you well before the certificate needs to be renewed in order to keep both your and your visitors  safe. What are your needs? Let’s have a look!