fire-alarm-319851-mNowadays every corporation uses one or several brands, which may or may not be registered officially. All these names are of great importance for the company’s daily operation; the name of the company, product names, important words within the company’s particular field or other names that have been used as domains for a wide number of reasons. Unfortunately, that doesn’t prevent others from trying to benefit from your brands on the internet. As we know, there is a great number of top domains, and we are faced with new ones almost daily. It’s not only possible but in fact very simple to register another company’s name and add a prefix or suffixin order to find available domains. Aiming to control all possible variations of one’s own brands soon becomes unsustainable. A better option is to carefully consider a strategy from the start; what phrases make sense to use and under which top domains? A monitoring service should be also added as well, to detect any infringement attempts.

ABE Partners provide a highly effective solution for monitoring your brands. It covers most of the top domains, including the country code top level domains and all top domains within the new top level domain program. Unlike Trademark Clearinghouse, that only focuses on the new top domains and the exact registered trademark, our Brand Monitor service also detects security breaches within the existing top domains and in cases where the search-phrase only partly matches the registered domain name. Our service doesn’t require that the searched phrase is in fact a registered trademark, it’s just as easy to simply monitor words of interest or competitors in your field. This makes our solution an excellent complement to your already existing domain portfolio, and will provide you with highly valuable information on your chosen search phrases. We will help you make sense of the results, as we believe you would rather focus on solutions than on problems. Please contact us for more information.