After a summer with diverse weather, if you by diverse mean mostly rain, we’ve been back on track for a few weeks and stoked to sink our teeth into new projects. We have kick started autumn on all fronts and look forward to a very eventful and hectic season.

As always, on the domain name business, lots of things happen, and something that we noted is the big drop among the registered new top-level domains. From a top listing of over 29 million registrations in April, the total number of registered domains is now around 23 million. The accident cops may want to use this to shoot down the entire program, but we see it as a natural response to all the “free registrations” and campaigns the different registries had to boost their numbers after launch. During these campaigns, large numbers of domains were registered, of course not all is renewed when prices returned to normal. As usual, we urge our customers to see the new TLDs as an opportunity rather than a necessity.

The Swedish top-level domain .se, however, grows through the roof. It increases its market share among Swedish companies while .nu decreases slightly. We recognize the same patterns in several countries, which strengthens us in our recommendations that the country code domains should always be the cornerstone of a domain name strategy.

During the spring and pre-summer season, we ran an information campaign about the new data protection regulation GDPR and the importance of SSL, which means that many of our clients now offer their visitors a safe stay. If you are still unsure of what you need, just give us a call.

Let´s hold it there and focus on the oncoming autumn. We are looking forward to helping both old and new clients with all questions related to domain names, trademarks and monitoring solutions!