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6 April, 2018

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ABE Partners founders all have extensive experience and understanding of the domain name industry. We have been active for many years with several of the major suppliers and have observed an industry that has stood still even though the rules of the game changed. We decided to do something about this and created ABE Partners, an option that is based on the value of an effective domain name management rather than the domain name itself. We created a completely new approach and a new business model where customer benefits are in focus. For customers, this means more honest advice, easier administration, secure management, greater cost efficiency and proper follow-up on your investment. Our analyses and strategies gives you the added value you will not find elsewhere.

ABE Partners offers a wide selection of domain related services. What they all have in common is that they are based on our extensive knowledge combined with our understanding of customer needs. By working from our customers’ point of view, we cannot be satisfied with domains simply being registered and functional, we also show the value of your domains by analyzing traffic flow, based on our industry and market knowledge. We do not believe that customers are only interested in the domain name itself, rather that when benefits of them become obvious, the domains can be used as a strategic instrument.

ABE Partners focus on the following three business areas:

The people at ABE Partners

Rikard Andrée
CEO, partner

Viktor Berglund
CTO / CFO, partner

Hans Enström
Key Account Manager, partner

Emelie Andersson
Sales Manager, partner

Daniela Tuwezén
Account Manager

Anna Thunberg
Paralegal & Translator

Customer Testimonials


Thanks ABE Partners, we have reduced our costs for domain management significantly. It feels good to work with ABE partners, as I know that they do not sell us services that we do not need.
– Jimmy Petersson, IT Manager


Vasakronan is working with ABE Partners because they are fast, flexible, knowledgeable, cost-effective and not the least transparent. ABE know our domain needs well and helps us with both the practical issues of everyday life as with choosing the registrar that suits our needs best.
– Marcus Ehrenfried, Webmaster

Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö

Through our agreement with ABE Partners, we feel confident with the knowledge and experience they possess. With good service and fast feedback they do a great job at bargain prices.
– Negin Nazerian, Webmaster

ABE Partners more customized service suited us better than our previous one. It gives us a clearer picture of our costs and we have a supplier who better knows our needs. We are experiencing a major difference in both service and cost efficiency and is easy to work with ABE Partners.
– Iréne Lööw, Web Manager

We have chosen to work with ABE Partners as their provisions, with net prices on domain names, focused on our needs. ABE Partners is very knowledgeable, responsive and provides a fast service which we greatly appreciate. We feel secure with their quick feedbacks and informed advice.
– Hannelore Söderberg, Executive Assistant


Elga AB work with ABE Partners because we have great confidence in their industry knowledge and experience when it comes to managing domain name portfolios. Through our partnership with ABE Partners we get independent advice, fast and personal service as well as control over our costs because we have this service with them. I can strongly recommend ABE as a partner for your domain name.
– Torbjörn Wing, IT Manager

Contact us

ABE Partners Support: +46 (0)40-30 28 00 /
All other queries: +46 (0)40-30 28 00 /

ABE Partners head office is located in the heart of Malmö and we are also represented in Gothenburg. In Copenhagen we are represented through our company IP Dots. If you are passing by, please pay us a visit!