coffe-beans-1438718-1-mWe have previously mentioned that the new top level domains are indexed well by search engines. Now we can clearly see that a well-chosen domain name can in fact lead to a position on Googles front page. As you probably know, such a placement is very highly coveted by all marketers and SEO-professionals. Many of us won’t continue to the second page unless the first one had something interesting to offer, most likely we would change our searched phrase instead. The fact that Google clearly indexes from the top level domain itself opens up for new opportunities with shorter domain names and higher efficiency in search engine optimisation.

For all new gTLDs this is a huge advantage. Formerly it’s been rather difficult to clarify why there is such an advantage in owning domain names under the new top level domains. Prices have normally been quite high for registering and renewals, and the awareness of the new top level domains is still fairly low, especially among the end customers. We now see a clear advantages of registering these domain names, and as more companies benefit from this, we’ll see several ”new” domains on Googles front page. This development will boost awareness and trust amongst consumers. Obviously, this won’t happen overnight, but we’re guessing that awareness and the use of the new top domains will increase substantially during 2015.

As previously mentioned, the new top level domains should be viewed as an opportunity, and you should focus on generic words that can help your marketing and search engine optimisation, rather than viewing them as a necessity and thereby “protect” all company names and trademarks. Focus on selecting the right top level domain; those relevant to your field that also correlate with phrases your customers might type into search engines. Follow up on the results through statistics analysis and check your search engine position, and always handle your domain portfolio as a living instrument. Please contact us for further information, and find out how we can assist you in profiting from these new possibilities.