Our clients often tell us how satisfied they are with our quick response and our knowledge when they need our help. This is something we are very proud of, and something we do not take for granted. If a problem arises, for example, if a website goes down or the mail stops working, a provider who can act quickly and make the necessary changes is required. Of course, that always requires someone who has time to help our clients with the urgent cases. That is why we are excited to announce our newest colleague, Kajsa Fredriksson, the new addition to our support team!

Kajsa is employed as Project Coordinator and will work with client projects from our new Gothenburg office. In the role, Kajsa will manage and be responsible for, among other things; various client projects, such as domain transfers, registrations, DNS management and owner changes. Kajsa has, in addition to previous experience in project coordination and sales, also a history as a figure skater at elite level! How about that?

We are very pleased to welcome Kajsa to our team and look forward to continuing and growing together with our employees and our clients!