healthy-balls-1-634956-mJust recently, the curve of registered domains in the new top domain program suddenly peaked drastically. From a linear consistency it jumped from roughly 3,7 million registrations to 4 million within a few days, and the top ten now includes a new top domain.

Currently in second place, with 350.000 registered domains is .网址. We have noted that some of these domains interfere with already well established trademarks and are registered using the clients information, however, they seem to be mostly non-functioning. What we have here is yet another example of numbers that are blown out of proportion, using the same strategy of marketing as XYZ (the most ”registered” new top domain).

Our friends at have noticed this as well and have taken the time to analyse this new top domain further. They have found:

  • Most domains seem to be using the registry’s own name servers,
  • Very few of these domains lead to a functioning page, Google has only indexed seven functioning pages under this TLD.
  • The majority of the domains seem to be registered by the same registrar ZDNS which is linked to the registry.
  • This registrar does not seem to handle any other top domain other than this specific one.
  • No one else seems to offer this new top domain.

So what does this mean? Surely we can all agree that there is something funny going on, and it’s not unlikely that several companies will be contacted by this registry or registrar  in an attempt to make some money from these domains. Our guess: it won’t be long until they reach out. And when they do, feel free to contact us!