Swedish Customs has recently released a report of seizures in 2015, which brandnews.se took a good look at. There was a total of 240 seizures, and they stopped roughly 58,000 pirated items. The corresponding figures for the whole European Union were 40 million confiscated pirated products of a total value of 6.5 billion SEK. Note that this is probably only the tip of the iceberg as we can guess that the majority of pirated products pass customs net and causes significantly reduced revenues for rights holders. Although the numbers are large, it is actually a decrease compared with previous years, both at national and at EU level.

An interesting finding in the report is that almost all the seizures were made after the rights holder have submitted an application for action. The past five years this figure has fluctuated between 96.9 and 98.3 percent. This shows that it is largely up to the companies themselves to keep track of any illegal copies. It also helps for a company to have a valid European trademark. No less than 66.8 percent of all copies infringed on European trademarks, which makes it much easier to get them off the market.

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