annaThe vigilant reader may have noticed that, since recently, our news are posted in English as well. This is probably the most apparent indication of our newest addition Anna Thunberg’s assignments for us. The demand for news posts in English has long been on our agenda, unfortunately there hasn’t quite been time for us to carry this through. With Anna present, we can finally spread our infinite wisdom to a greater audience!

Needless to say, Anna won’t assist us with news translations alone, but with several matters of mainly legal character as well, as this is her field. With the help of Anna, we hope to provide simpler and clearer terms and conditions for both our Swedish and international clients. In other words, most of our clients will surely enjoy the fruits of our co-operation.

We would like to wish Anna a warm welcome to ABE Partners and are looking forward to continue to strengthen our position on the turbulent domain name market with her on board.