As for now, Christmas carols have tormented every store employee’s ears for a long time. Saffron buns and gingerbread cakes have started to prepare the body for the big stomach stretch of the Christmas smorgasbord.

Some of you are certainly pleased with the safe knowing that all Christmas presents are already wrapped and packed. While some of us still don’t have a clue what to give to the brother-in-law that they really do not have much to spare for. Will you get away with some lottery tickets? But what happens if he wins? All wins over 100 bucks are shared, right?

In any case, we guess that most of you will at least have a few moments with the family, where beeping phones and budget meetings do not pollute your time. We are convinced you have earned it! The reward for all the hassle with gifts, baking, Christmas trees, Christmas food and certainly a lot of other Christmas-related things we’ve forgotten, comes on Christmas Eve’s evening. An evening when gifts are unwrapped, everyone is satisfied and happy, and you can sit down for a while with a hopeful happy Christmas grin. That is usually also the time when you realize that Christmas celebration preparations might not be that burdening after all.

Well, I guess it is time to sum up 2018, and as usual, ABE Partners has plenty of things to sum up. For example, we have increased our staff numbers considerably with both new Sales Representatives and a Project Coordinator. We now have clients in several countries; the United States, UK, Denmark, Malta and probably a lot of other countries. We have a new office in Gothenburg, Sweden and we have started to collaborate with plenty of new clients, while deepening our cooperation with the existing ones. We work closer to our clients than ever, and have in many cases become a natural strategic partner for them. When we look back at 2018 we do it with humble pride.

Before this gets too long, and you stop reading, everyone at ABE Partners wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Please focus on the holidays and we will make sure your domains will be working in the meantime. Even though we also plan to get away for some days to catch our breath, there will always be someone here who is ready to take care of your urgent matters during the festive season.

All the best!

All of us at ABE Partners